Redesigning Llíria

I am from Llíria, a town in the interior of Valencia, capital of the Camp de Turia. I have grown up in its streets and with its shops and stores. They all make up part of the history of a very particular people. The towns are their businesses, their associations, their festivals and their people.

That is why I started this project, as a tribute to all those places that have been part of my memories and my life.

In this project the challenge was to make each logo in less than 1 hour.

Narieldesign - Horno la Virgen
Narieldesign - Mercat Municipal
Narieldesign - Club Basket Llíria
Narieldesign - Unió Musical Llíria
Narieldesign - La Veu de Llíria

This project is a non-profit personal project and exercise. All designs are made by Lidia Alcocer Arnal and the use, copy or modification of said designs is not allowed as they are under Creative Commons license.